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    Organizer issues


      Hello, I am currently using elements 9 and moving to 10 once I complete a project in 9.  My issue, which is annoying [:-) is when I open the project i am working on, the organizer includes files and images i used from other projects.  I do not want to have this issue when I install 10, so my question is how do i set ther organizer to only display the files from the project i open in 9 & 10?  What i have to do now is click the dropdown arrow on the 'filter by' and find the folder i need.


      In a related issue, when I use the 'get media' choice from the organize panel and I have the current project fiolder open, my goal is to bring in a file I want in this folder.  It seems to not place it in the folder I issued the 'get media' command from.  But when i click the 'Project' folder next to the 'InstantMovie' choice, I can see the file...why does it place it there and how do i successfully direct it to where i want it to go initially?


      I doubt the tool is designed to work in this manner so I am reaching out to you for your assistance.  Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          There are two Panels, that look about the same. One is the Organizer, which shows media files on your system, and the other is the Project-centric Project Panel. The second is ONLY for your Project, while the first is for all media on the system.


          In the latter, the Organizer, you can create Catalogs, that limit what is seen at any one time.


          If you switch that Panel to Edit, and then Project (from Organizer), you will then see just the media, that has been Imported into your Open Project.


          Hope that helps and good luck,



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            T&C_Banks Level 1

            Hey Bill, logged back on and I just wanted to say "thank you" for your quick and correct reply.  I do appreiciate it!!!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              You are most welcome, and glad to have helped.


              Good luck, and happy editing,