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    PPRO Latest CS S 5.5 - Hangs on Save..... with Console Error

    AtonMusic Level 2



      Mac Pro Nehalem, 32GB RAM, Dual 2.26 GHZ CPU

      Mac OS X Lion 7.2 and Premiere Latest Version


      I work in a project and all is good, then I hit save and Premiere does save the project (I can see that on the modification date in the OS X Finder)

      However, the Save Project Dialog wont go away.... I can click cancel but nothing happens...


      I have to force quit PPRO to alleviate the problem and then re-open the project. This is a total pain and does not compliment the name Pro in an application name...



      So - while PPro is in its state of confusion, I enter the Console on OS X and the following error message always appears



      12/17/11 10:42:45.530 PM Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5: [PremiereCocoaMacApplication handleMenuCommand:1935767141 from <DVAMacMenuItem: 0x10f2c5930 Save>]



      I take that this is a bug but I am not sure !



      If anyone has a solution to this problem I would be very happy.



      Thank You



      Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 11.16.06 PM.png