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    Premiere Element 7 - Titles and Certain Clips Offline?


      Hey guys,


      So I'm using Pr Elements 7 and I had this problem start a few days ago. Everything was fine, then I opened the project I had been working on and it says all of my titles are offline, like the ones you make in the program. I've never had that happen before. I try restarting to see if that fixes it, and the only thing it does is make some of my clips say they're offline too. Now I've had the "media offline" red screen before when I move something and PrE can't find it, but this isn't what's happening. Nothing has been moved and in the edit panel that lists all of the clips and titles, nothing is actually showing up with a red screen as it's picture. Usually when it goes offline, I click on the clip and a window pops up asking me where it's moved, but when I click on a clip it just opens it up in the playback window like nothing is wrong. I can drag and drop the clip from there into the timeline and it works fine, but the existing clips in the timeline still say that it's offline.


      I tried to just replace them with the original clips, but when I save, close, and reopen, it goes back to saying it's offline again.


      I'm hoping someone else has encountered this problem and can give me a quick and easy solution. Like I said, I've never had this kind of problem with it before. I've been using PrE with this computer and these settings for ages. I didn't do or install anything different that might have caused the problem. It was like a 24 hour window. I've tried reinstalling cause that usually fixes everything, but didn't work. Help!


      Please and thanks,


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          This ARTICLE covers many of the reasons, that media can show up Offline, but as Titles are not discrete files, but are in the code of the Project file (PREL), if they are showing Offline, then something is wrong.


          Now, did you Export those Titles, creating discrete files for them?


          Good luck,



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            Cellblocktango Level 1

            Read the article, I'm 100% sure I haven't moved any of the files. It never pops up and asks me where a file is located, and I can still play the file from the side panel. I can also drag it from there into the timeline and it works fine. It's just some of the existing clips in the timeline that are showing up offline.


            As for exporting, if you mean have I exported like the video as a whole including the titles as in saving a copy of the video to my desktop, yes I have, multiple times. But I've done that before in both this project and others and it hasn't effected anything. And if you mean something else by "exporting", then no I don't think I've done that because I haven't done anything I don't normally do when working on a project.


            I also opened another project I'd been working on, added some titles, closed it, then reopened it, and those titles and all of the media show up fine. So I'm thinking it's just this one project. And normally I would just start over, but I've put a lot of work into this particular project and really would rather not have to start over.


            I'd also like to note I am no expert with computers so you might have to dumb things down for me a bit, sorry.