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    using graphics as buttons




      I am using Flash Pro and I want to create a desktop application that uses the graphics on stage to launch web pages when the user clicks on each individual graphic. I am very new to Flash Pro could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!



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          buddhanature37 Level 1

          Ok I think I figured it out. I converted the graphics to a movie symbol rather than a button and it seems to do what I want. If anyone has any other suggestions I would still appreciate them... Heather

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            Jeff Bellune Level 6

            Moderator's note: user AtonMusic posted potentially useful info over in the Premiere Pro forum, so I'm attaching it to this thread:


            AtonMusic said:


            "You wanna assign evenListeners to ALL your graphics... The eventlistener will check to see when the user hoovers or presses THAT particular graphic.

            For the evenListener you will create a Function... Something like this:


            a var is a varialble... You will create ALL THIS in Actionscript 3... So you will need to learn that a bit.. Lynda.com is a good source !

            You will need to a piece of graphic that has an instance name of "GRAPHICBUTTON"


            This is a function that will go to adobe.com



            var ADDRESS:String = "https://www.adobe.com";

            var getADDRESS:URLRequest = new URLRequest(ADDRESS);

            getADDRESS.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;


            GRAPHICBUTTON.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, goToADDRESS);


            function goToADDRESS(e:MouseEvent):void