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    How to stop Media Cache folders from filling up, eating all my hard drive space?


      Working with Adobe Photoshop Elements Premiere 10 on an iMac with a 500 GB hard drive.   4gb memory.    For a few weeks, I've been getting warnings that my startup disk is full.   I keep removing files, but I then keep getting the warnings, and my Finder tells me I'm often down to 0 kb remaining on the drive.


      Finally realized that the Media Cache and Media Cache Files folders were filled with 160GB of stuff.    Lots of .pek, .cfa, and mpggindex files in the Media Cache Files folder.  And in the Media Cache folder, all the files are .mcdb extensions, and these seem to be 4kb each, taking up less space collectively than the others.  Here's where those folders are on my Mac's HD:


      Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Media Cache   ... and same thread for Media Cache Files.


      I have gone in to preferences to "Clean Media Cache Database".   This seems to remove a few GBs at a time.   But, even without any additional Adobe activity, editing or otherwise, the Media Cache Folder fills up again with many, many GBs of files.  


      I changed the default location of the Media Cache folders to an external drive.   Still, the internal drive folder fills up.


      I deleted 160GB of Media Cache files, and over the last 40 minutes, I've seen it fill up again with 20GBs of files.   And it's still going.   It seems to be filling up with files related to my music MP3s.   I scroll through the thousands of files and I'm finding references to MP3s that I don't even think I've used in projects at all.   It creating these .pek and .cfa files. 


      Any ideas what is going on here?