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    Wiping off all data from Mac and starting again, will my serial still work?




      I've had multiple problems with my new MacBook Pro with its preinstalled OS Lion, it freezes constantly and will take me around 10-15 times just to turn it on.


      I have had no resolution to this problem although I was suggested to wipe off everything from my laptop and start again to see if the problem would be resolved.


      So my question is this, will I be able to use my serial number on the laptop again?


      I am asking this because I have a student licence and therefore only can have one use of it.


      I'm really scared of losing my Adobe Software as it's so expensive, even if it was discounted because i'm a student (i'm in full time education).

      The software I have is the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.


      I've heard about using the deactivating method by clicking on the Help button.. However I don't know the difference between the normal 'Deactivate' or 'Deactive Permanently'.


      I was also wondering if anyone could help me with what would happen if I ended up having to recieve a new MacBook Pro from the retailer/Apple if it turns on wiping my Mac won't work?


      Would I have to 'Deactivate Permanently' so I could use it on my new laptop?


      I really hope someone is able to help me as being only a 16 year old I still have much to learn when it comes to computers and I don't want to mess this up!


      Many thanks,