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    Compiler error

    PigFoxeria Level 1
      I'm going through the code in the book "Adobe Flex 3 training From The Source".
      The error I'm getting is "Multiple markers at this line"
      The offending line of code and compiler view are attached. The path to the image is correct.
      Any clue how to fix this?
      Compiler view
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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          yes the error isn't actually 'multiple markers at this line', that's telling you that there is more than one error on this line, and the two errors are:
          unable to resolve /imgs/dairy_milk.jpg for transcoding.
          unable to transcode /imgs/dairy_milk.jpg.

          this is definitely telling you, i'm afraid that the path to the image is not correct. and i can tell by the compiler view that the image path is not correct. the path you have specified expects an imgs folder to come off your src folder. remember you're embedding the image so it's a compile time rather than run-time path.