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    Camera randomly moves forward then backward

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      Hey all,


      I have a camera parented to a null that is being used for this shot. The camera zooms close to the planet very quickly, and then i wanted it to approach slowly (like a coming out of warp shot). Seems easy enough.. The camera slows down at Z position =40,000. The next keyframe is set to 41,000 so that it moves slowly forward . The problem is, the camera way overshoots the keyframe value then backs down to 41k. When i look at the graph i see that it curves up, but it does that on the  first set of keyframes as well and the camera doesn't make any unwanted movements. Does anyone know what could be going on? The keyframes are easy-eased, but i tried turning that off and the camera still did this movement.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Take a look at the path of the null you're using to drive the camera in a top view. Select the G key to select the Pen tool. Take a close look at the middle keyframe. You'll see bezier handles extending past the last keyframe. Hold down the Alt/Option key on your keybard and click on the second keyframe in the Comp panel. You'll see the Bezier handles disappear. Your bounce is not gone.


          The other option is to select the keyframe in the timeline, then right click, go to Keyframe Interpolation.


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          Set Spatial Interpolation to Linear.


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          Both do the same thing. I prefer the second Pen Tool>Convert Vertex method because I often want to adjust the Spatial interpolation, especially if there's a curve.


          This happens when you have a layer moving quickly, then you move forward a few frames and move the layer a little further. If you set the starting and ending keyframe first, then back up and set the middle keyframe and adjust it's position in the comp window or the change the timing in the timeline, you almost never get this problem.

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            Thank you Rick. You are awesome.