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    Installing / upgrading from Flash 10.1 to Flash 11 in Android. How may I do that?

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      I got my new tablet, and I am having problems to browse facebook. I can browse it perfectly, but I cannot see the videos of the walls, it says I need a flash upgrade and that I must press over the video to jump to the adobe website, to detect my operating system and browser.


      I do that, and it says I have a Mac OS X

      That is not true!!! I have Android 2.2 !!!

      So it is clear the automatic recognition don't work at all and I have to install the new Flash 11.


      Okay... I am very confused about this, and I want to do this safely.


      First doubt, where may I get the original Adobe Flash APK file with Flash 11 ?


      There are a lot of websites that provide APK in a doubtful manner... and well, I'd rather prefer to enter in an official place from Adobe, and download Flash from there. But without automatic recognitions, I just want to download Flash 11 for Android.

      How may I do that?

      THIS TABLET DON'T HAVE ANDROID MARKET SUPPORT, so I cannot get the APK file from Market.

      There are many many tablets that don't support market, and they also need flash to browse the web.


      Second doubt... do I need a specific version of Flash for my browser?

      How may I know what browser I have installed? I tried to verify this in my tablet and I have no idea of how to do that?


      My tablet is this:




      I really would appreciate your help with this.