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    Adobe Flash for my older system will NOT install as per your instructions

    rvreeland Level 1

      Help ... not only can I NOT "reply" to others in these discussions, for some weird reason ... there is absolutely no "reply" button that I can see here ... but when I discovered over the past few days that I can no longer view video clips shared on FaceBook, I followed the directions on YOUR site here, to uninstall Flash, so that I could then reinstall a (hopefully) upgraded version of Flash. Now, I'm totally without Flash, because you don't support the PowerPC's anymore! Also, I've followed instructions provided by one of your forum employees, to try to install the older version of Flash again, and that fails too. Even when opening up the "package" icon, which appears when you right-click the dmg download file. That does not work either! HELP!


      I'm on a Mac G5 PowerPC using Mac OS 10.4.11. How do I get flash back? Will I now need to reinstall it using my original Tiger OS software disk??? What a mess this is! Why can't you simply continue to support older systems?


      Thank you for any help you can offer. I'm extremely frustrated with this.