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    Slow and lagging After Effects CS5.5

    St. Apollo



      I've tried to add some effects and preview the video with AE CS5.5 but editin is very painful. I try to preview and my fps is from 3-14 fps. It's painful to edit.


      The editing video is 1280 x 720, 13min long and I've edited in Premiere Pro CS5.5 and exported it as a uncompressed AVI file. The size of the file is 16,7 Gt. I've added two effects: Remove Grain and Sharpen. I've tried to preview with Space and then FPS is about 14-16 fps but with Numpad 0 it quickly goes through the video and then it previews the video with 3-6 fps. It's just horrible to preview.


      I've disabled "Enable OpenGL" and when I preview with space, there's no difference in fps and same thing with numpad0 preview. I've also tried to change the "Render multiple frames simultaneously" settings but with no success. I'm using current settings:


      RAM reserved for other applications: 6 GB


      Installed CPUs: 8

      CPUs reserved for other applications: 4

      RAM allocation per background CPU: 1.5 GB

      Actual CPUs that will be used: 4


      I've also looked at my HDD activity when I preview, the drive with caches and previews don't write at all, just read the video from the drive (cache, footage, previews, and captured are in the same drive)


      Is there any ideas to improve the performance? Do I have to change my hardware? Do I have enough RAM or is my CPU too slow for this? And is the normal preview with space or is the numpad?


      Current hardware:


      Intel i7-870

      16Gb RAM

      Nvidia GeForce 8600GT 512Mt

      Samsung F3 1TB 7200rpm - OS Drive, software, AE, Premiere Pro and etc.

      2 x Samsung F3 1TB 7200rpm RAID0 - Uncompressed Footage, cache, scratch disk, video preview, audio preview, captured audio, captured video.

      2 x Samsung F4 2TB 5400rpm - Footage Both have same files, files straight from camera, not edited, completely raw material.

      Dell U2211H - monitor

      LG L1715S - monitor

      Logitech G35 - headset

      External speakers

      Windows 7 64bit Ultimate


      All my drivers are up-to-date and my Windows 7 is reinstalled few weeks ago (clean install)