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    Stupid question #29549: exporting 1080i to a DVD - how to "save" resolution/not have pixelated zooms


      Hi this is actually in Pro but I can't seem to find a forum for that...


      So I've been doing some stuff with 1080i AVCHD camcorders, and producing DVDs (480p) out of them.  I've been following a workflow of creating a project with a normal 1080i AVCHD preset, doing my editing, then exporting to MPEG-2 DVD for Encore etc.  The DVD's look great!  Unless of course I zoom in (stretch) in Premiere.  But the thing is - it should still look good if I did it "right", correct?  I'm just "throwing away" all of that extra data when I export to DVD anyways.  If I did my initial editing in a 853x480 setting and then significantly scrunched my frames, I could then do "real" zooms (unstretch) without streching my pixels and causing pixelation.  I'm not crazy here right, there has to be some way to do this correctly?