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    Stupid question: exporting 1080i to a DVD - how to "save" resolution/not have pixelated zooms


      So I've been doing some stuff with 1080i AVCHD camcorders, and producing DVDs (480p) out of them.  I've been following a workflow of creating a project with a normal 1080i AVCHD preset, doing my editing, then exporting to MPEG-2 DVD for Encore etc.  The DVD's look great!  Unless of course I zoom in (stretch) in Premiere.  But the thing is - it should still look good if I did it "right", correct?  I'm just "throwing away" all of that extra data when I export to DVD anyways.  If I did my initial         editing in a 853x480 setting and then significantly scrunched my frames, I could then do "real" zooms (unstretch) without streching my pixels and causing pixelation.  I'm not crazy here right, there has to be some way to do this sort of thing correct?