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    First experience buying from Adobe


      So it was a Sunday afternoon, my Flash Builder trial had expired, and I decided to purchase a license and spend a few hours with the Builder before going out.


      Instead, I spent 4 hours, got charged the $249, and never received a thing.



      First, the free trial's Buy link didn't even take me to the same product (standard builder), it took me to something costing over 3x as much (PHP Premium) that I don't need, and there was no way to get to anything else from there.  Had to go to the main Adobe site and look around, and it wasn't easy to find what I was looking for or compare prices.  Confusing site. 


      Next, of course I wanted the latest version, 4.6.  But only 4.5 was available for sale.  Presuming there would be a free upgrade (having to upgrade  right after buying), I went ahead and took the plunge, spent the $249.



      It took about half an hour just to get the 1st order-related email, which had no link and no key.  Over an hour later, another email came through with a link.  After creating a password etc. and logging in, there was nothing there -- no serial #, no download.  Looking back at the 1st email, there was a disclaimer saying it could take up to 24 hours.  Well, why didn't they say that up-front.  These days usually when you buy a downloadable product, you get it right away.


      I contacted support intending to say either let me have what I bought now, or cancel the order.  Their chat makes you enter a bunch of stuff and explain the problem, but they don't seem to read any of that, they ask you for it all over again and don't answer the question.  Then they changed that "24 hours" online-delivery estimate to "48-72 hours".  Eventually, they sent me a form to fill out, print, sign, have scanned, and send back to them -- to cancel an order I hadn't received yet.  Then I had to contact them again because the form requires a case number, but they hadn't given me that.  And they never would, he just said look in your account under open cases.



      So, what a pain.  All they had to do was send me a serial number... how hard is it, for $249?


      and that's why people go looking for keygens for Adobe software.  They charge too much, and buying it is more trouble than cracking it!

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          iouads Level 1

          Sent them their form, got another email saying they want proof that I've uninstalled, proof of purchase, and then I'll have to wait 5 more business days before they'll mail a check.  A check?  So, add up all the jumping through hoops, delays, transit and processing time and they hold your money for 2 weeks if you cancel an order.


          Dealing with these people is like dealing with an internet scam, where they make money by holding your money for weeks.

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            If you think that's bad, you should see how they treat legitimate license holders.  If you reformat your computer, you have to spend 30 minutes on a chat line to get it activated again. 

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              iouads Level 1

              Looking forward to when I can afford a laptop fast enough to run Everything under virtualization.  Then everything (including Windows) can be activated once and will never have to be re-activated.  Replace your computer, no problem, just copy the VM over.  Got a virus?  Just go back to a restore point.  But I tried this for a year and it's just too slow on current hardware...


              BTW, I'm still waiting for the refund. The charge disappeared from pending in my account for days, then they sent an email saying your refund has been processed... and the charge re-appeared as posted on that date, with no refund chargeback pending.  So it appears they 'accidentally' re-charged me instead of refunding.  Merry Xmas, we'll keep your money safe for you.

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                frankz00 Level 1

                Can you dispute the charge on your end?  That's what I usually do when companies are uncooperative.  Yeah my next move is to virtualize.  It might prevent headaches like this.