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      I have been using CS4 for a few years. Some of the InDesign tools used regularly no longer work. In layers the eye does not work, the new layer button will not work, the ability to move things to other layers will not work. The scripts feature for calendars will not work. I have deleted and reloaded CS4 and run several cleaning programs suggested by online help at "justanswer" (just a rip-off service sending me to free cleaners which then wanted $). Now I have to find some program to get this junk out of my computer. Cleaning, reloading did not help. Programs still not working correctly. Also, the eyedropper in Photoshop is a 3-finger pointer which I can't change in any of the settings.


      Any advice on how to get my Adobe programs back would be appreciated. I would consider upgrading to CS5 but fear that these issues would follow. After all the work, $ and general frustration I have considered getting a new computer just to get away from the bugs.

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          macinbytes Level 4

          You certainly shouldn't blow money on a new computer to make software work. You shouldn't pay anyone money to get supported software fixed either unless it is just an issue of time vs money. Assuming Peter's preference suggestion doesn't work for you you can use the official Adobe tool to remove the products and make reinstallation easy.




          A google for Adobe Clean Script and the product you want to fix up should yield something that will completely remove the application and allow for an easy and trouble-free reinstall.


          Reinstalling an operating system is also not a bad option if you are at your wick's end. If someone provided you other programs to clean or remove software I would be concerned of malware or other badware. I recently had to degunk a PC that had installed applications that were designed to make removing applications easier. The removal applications though had a decent enough interface were malware/scareware.

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            Thanks much for the advice. I will try another removal and reinstall. The

            first attempt changed nothing. Preference scrubbing back to presets also

            did nothing. I used the control-alt-shift at startup. I'll try Peter's

            other suggested way to return to original preferences.

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              Try a new user account and see if that changes anything.