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    After Effects: AEGP Plugin TIFFIO: UnExpected End of File (5027 :: 12)

    ZanderH85 Level 1


      I have a clown render for an animation I am working on (the content is not important). When I duplicate the first layer, flip it horizontally there are no problems when I run a RAM preview. But when I time reverse the layer I get this error message "After Effects: AEGP Plugin TIFFIO: UnExpected End of File (5027 :: 12)". Now in the past this meant that some of the tiff. renders had been corrupted due to copying and pasting the still frames into another folder using windows explorer. So to fix the issue I would simply re-render the still frames to the proper folder which meant I no longer needed to copy and paste the still .tiff files. But now whats different this time is that the error message only pops up when I use the "Layer, Time, Time-Reverse Layer".


      This should work. I have done this exact animation at a smaller resolution (800x800). The only difference is now I have re-rendered the same footage at a higher resolution (1424x1424).



      Anyone know what causes this issue?