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    Why is Premiere Pro freeze framing my footage. . .


      So I edited this music video and there are parts where there should be no video and only blackness. In the timeline it is fine but once I render it, it's a different story... For EX. The clips is 15 secs long and I trim the footage to 10 secs and the rest 5 secs should be black. There is nothing there on the timeline for the rest of the 5 secs.That is not the case for some reason. It is freezing the last frame around 10 secs and extending it throughout the 5 extra seconds. SO I get a freeze frame kind of effect that is horrible. I don't want it to do that but I don't know how to fix it. I don't want to add black color mattes all over because that is gonna take forever because I have so many black spots in this video and we don't have time to do that. Anyone know what's wrong or an alternative to stop this??? It is so annoying,