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    gfx library madness


      I'm working on large user interface project and we are using gfx libraries. And, we are also using the Team Foundation Everywhere plug-in since it's required for this project. Anyway, FlashBuilder seems to be creating .as temporary files that are causing FlashBuilder to temporarily freeze up while the status bar says: "Building Workspace" then "Refreshing Workspace" then something like "Rebuilding Symbols". And, then the FlashBuilder console typically reports an error similar to "c:/somedirectory/gfxlibrary/variousfiles/34532112222.as not found on add". On at least 6 occasions FlashBuilder has been stuck in a loop that freezes the entire IDE and I had to kill off the FlashBuilder process. Whenever I switch between files in the same project the IDE locks up for approximately 20 - 30 seconds while this craziness goes on in the background.


      Note: I don't have this problem at all when I open other large projects that done have gfx libraries.


      If someone has a suggestion on how to solve this time wasting problem, please let me know? Hopefully there is some simple tweak(s) that I'm overlooking.