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    swf file working on flash player 10.3 but problem in flash player


      My swf file implimented by using AS 2.0, it's working in flash player 10.3. Problem giving on updated version of flash player 11.1(IE 9,FireFox 8,Safari). 


      here i uploaded some images.


      flashOn10.png - While select any tab, opening the like this. This snapshot taken on IE 8 with Flash Player 10.3 version. Its working proper this version.

      flashOn11.png - Same functionality, select any tab it's opening at the end showing as blank page. This snapshot taken on IE 9 with Flash Player updated version, same as in FireFox and Safari also.


      by default previous version AS 2.0 code not work on Flash Player 11?


      let me know any solutions for this problem?flashOn10.pngflashOn11.png