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    transcoding 720p h264 @ 59.94 fps to play in a 720p 23.976 timeline


      Hi All


      I am editing a film project that was 98% shot on a Panasonic HVX 200.  P2 movies in an MXF file format - 720p @ 23.976fps.  Nothing was transcoded.


      I shot a couple "action shots" on a Contour HD camcorder.  The files were recorded @ 720P @ 59.94 H264 (the Contour doesn't do 23.976)


      As expected, when cutting the file into the sequence,  with no transcoding of frame rates,  there is an issue with digital artifacts.


      Since Premiere Pro can cut H264 natively, I thought transcoding to 720p H264 @ 23.976 would solve the issue.  The resulting file plays fine in QT but when cut into a sequence there is still artifacting.


      How do i transcode my  720p h264 @ 59.94 fps media to to play in a 720p 23.976 timeline?


      Thank you in advance.





      My system specs: 


      Windows 7

      Intel Xeon CPU @ 2.00GHZ (2 processors)

      8 GIG