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    Generating cfform textboxes

    kodemonki Level 1
      <note: this message was originally posted in Getting Started but I thought it was a more advanced topic and cross-posted here>

      I have a form that generates checkboxes that match up with textboxes. I am trying to be able to display the content for the textboxes that match up with the checked checkboxes. Each checkbox's value is a "report_id" and the name of each textbox is reason#report_id# so that the textbox names are unique, and tied to the report_id.

      Trying to display the reports and the textbox values I used the following code (the form code is below)

      newReason *is* displayed correctly as reason17 to match up with report_id = 17

      Could I index the textboxes in an array, where the name of the textbox would be reasonArray[report_id]?

      Or could I make a string that has a # characer in it? I don't seem to be able to, but I thought that if I could set var newReason = '#reason' & report_id & '#' then I could output #newReason# which would be #reason9# which would be the correct output. If I just display #reason9# it works right, but that won't help if I have many many reasons.

      I'm still trying things, but any and all help is appreciated!