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    Mobile Connectivity Problem



      In flex mobile application if connection error occured once this error will continue till application not restarted 



      I am Testing my application ,which is internet connection dependent ,so i tried to disable connection when application is on,  connection error occured  till that it is ok but if i again start connection application is not able to detect connection it shows connection error

          after i restart application it shows connection available


      this coonection is display from the fau;lt handler of webservice operation





      so is it any flex bug or programming problem ???





      i am using Dell Streak --android 2.2.2

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          Jason Woodcock Level 1

          Could be a number of things... The order of debugging for me is generally:


          1. Double check code in Flex app
          2. Check permissions on the server for the web service (if applicable)
          3. Check functionality of the web service outside of flex via the browser
          4. Check connectivity of the device to the net
          5. Check permissions is the app descriptor file (for android remember: <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/> )
          6. Triple check code in Flex app