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    i only have 30 days to learn this...

    xuvetyn Level 1

      then  i'll decide if it's for me, to buy or not.


      here's the deal: my hobby is making lyric music videos.

      that is, just displaying the cover art as a background, then inserting text when needed (timed. karaoke style).


      i've been doing it with Windows Live Movie Maker (it has a "fit to music" option that i'm fond of. i was annoyed that Sony Vegas didn't have any such thing.) for a few years and have it down,  but am looking to do better (text effects, better timing, etc).


      can someone point me to a simple tutorial to acheive this?


      p.s. i'm an idiot.

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          nealeh Level 5

          Steve Grisettis free tutorials at muvipix are a good resource. In the following link to the FAQ click the hyperlink 'here' in the last paragraph: Premiere Elements Basic Training


          The on-line help for PRE10 is good but not really designed for 'learning' the product. However Adobes' 'Classroom in a Book' is a structured training course suitable for learning the basics of the product. Steve's book (also available from muvipix) is of more long term usefulness as it covers more sophisticated uses of the product and workarounds for various workflow requirements


          And Adobe TV has many tutorials: http://tv.adobe.com/show/learn-premiere-elements-10.


          These should be enough to give you a feel for whether or not the product meets your requirements.


          A couple of tips:

          • Ensure graphics and sound drivers, and QuickTime, are all up to date.
          • Start with defragmented drives with plenty of free space on them (I'm talking GigaBytes here - at least 30GB).
          • Select a project setting that matches your SOURCE footage - not your end result (that is done separately in the Share tab).



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Along with Neale's link to Steve Grisetti's Basic Training, there are several other learning resources in this ARTICLE.


            Good luck, and happy editing,



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              xuvetyn Level 1

              those all seem rather irrelevant (informative, but not what i'll be using it for).

              is there one that just shows how to put in a static background image, music, then text?

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                Ted Smith Level 3

                If you can already do it with WMM then you will find it is a breeze with PE9 (or 10) once you get the hang of it

                It is so simple you hardly need a tutorial!


                I would first import your sound track to the timeline

                Then place your pictures or video clips in the order you want on 2 alternate video tracks like this:

                V1  -  V1  -  V1  -  V1

                -   V2  -  V2  -  V2  -  V2



                This give a lot of flexibility of changing timing because when you change one clip length it doesn't shift all the others.

                Remember the upper video track always takes precedence over the lower track so all you have to do is to trim the length and position of each top video track and you will get a cut between them. If you fade in or out the top track you automaticall get a cross dissolve between the two tracks


                To sync cuts up with suitable points in the sound, observe the sound waveform while previewing the timeline and you can see distinctive marks and gaps that correspond to the beat or lyrics. You soon get an idea of where to change pics say at the end of a sentence in the lyrics or every say 8 beats.

                Just drag a video edge to this point and the picture will change exactly in time with the music.

                You can apply a clip cut point once you have decided on which one and align your transition or clip length to that.

                Eg. Jingle bells | jingle bells | jingle all the w--a---y | Oh what fun it | is to ride


                If you want a fancy transition, put them on the same track any place the transition at the join


                The range of effects available is more than you would probably ever use.


                Make sure you reduce all your stills to the same pixel size as your project before you import them. (with photoshop)

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I agree with Ted. Once you have the basics down, such as Importing Still Images, that have been Scaled to the Project, it's very easy to do an assembly, such as you wish.


                  One little tip, that might prove helpful, would be adding "beat" Markers to the Timeline for the beats of the music. Those can be added by tapping the * key (numeric pad), while listening to the music. Those will then be your edit-points. If you get one off a bit, you can click-drag it.


                  Second tip, in Timeline View Mode, you can zoom in on the Timeline horizontally with the + key, or by using the View Zoom slider. You can also vertically expand the Audio Track, by going to the Track Header, and click-dragging on the line that separates the Tracks, expanding the one you want. With a high-rez display, this can be a bit of a "pixel hunt," but if you hover the Cursor around that junction, it will change to an equal sign with up/down arrowheads. That is where you want to click-drag. This will then allow you to see your Waveform Display much better.


                  Third tip, though the Soundtrack Audio Track is designed for such things as music, it has caused some users problems, and if you have ANY problems with it, just drag your music Clip(s) to a free, regular Audio Track. That has always cleared up problems with the Soundtrack. Note: sometimes the Narration Audio Track messes up too, and the fix is the same.


                  Good luck, and happy editing,



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                    xuvetyn Level 1

                    i was thinking..........

                    for what i mean to acheive, would After Effects be a better fit?


                    maybe Elements is overkill.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Actually, though it is a great compositing program, and I use it often, I think that AE would be overkill. While one can edit Video in AE, that is not really what it's designed to do. Still, a great and powerful program, but it's designed for other operations.


                      Good luck,



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                        xuvetyn Level 1

                        so Elements is what i want?


                        for just a still/static background image and text?

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Elements is great for producing slideshows, and has some great Audio features. The Titler will handle the text well, and you can either use one of the several Title Animations, or you can go beyond that to Keyframe the Titles. Just be sure to Scale your Stills to match your Project's Frame Size, before Importing them.


                          Good luck,