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    need help playing sound via AS3

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      Hi all,


      First time I have tried playing a sound through AS3. I found an example from kirupa, but for whatever reason I can not get it to play the sound. I'm not getting any errors etc, and I have my .wav file inside the same directory as my .fla/.swf I have tried playing from inside the flash pro interface and from a personal webpage server.


      Is there something that I am missing? I just have a action layer with the below code inside the first from of the movie.



      var soundClip:Sound;

      function init() {

      soundClip = new Sound();

      soundClip.load(new URLRequest("mysound.wav"));

      soundClip.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, soundLoaded);

      soundClip.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, soundLoading);




      function soundLoaded(e:Event) {




      function soundLoading(e:ProgressEvent) {

      // preloader information goes here





      Any help would be great