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    Question regarding paginering/pages in ID


      I usually make the pagination (page numbers/digits) in the Master (A) as it's to be on all the pages in the magazine/book.

      However this particulary time pagination would occur on all the pages due to photos.

      How do I make the pagination then?

      Should it be in the master still? It cant be surely as the pagination isnt to be on all pages?

      Should I make it in character style only?

      Many thanks!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Most users would continue to put a current page marker on a master page for those pages that should have a number on them, and would use a second master page without number for those that should not.


          Other options would be to use one master, then override and delete the page number onthsoe pages that should not have one (OK for one or two pages, but a lot of work if you need to do half the book), or the even more labor intensive adding the page marker manually to each page that requires one.