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    FTP error when uploading .flv




      I have been uploading large flv files for the past few weeks in CS5 without any problems. Recently and for no apparent reason, none of these files will load. The process kicks off okay but when it gets to the very end I get a "dreamweaver could not connect to the server" error. When I upload pdfs or html files I don't have any problem. Also, I uploaded the same files using Filezilla and they uploaded fine.
      I have not adjusted anything in relation to my ftp settings recently.

      I have no idea where to beging troubleshooting this.


      Thanks in advance

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          You should probably discuss this with your Web host to eliminate any problems on their end first. And don't assume that just because their first response is "Well it's nothing on our end", that they are correct. Questions them, make it discussion, not just a yes or no answer.... any recent server changes, updates, breakdown, etc.

          If that pans out, then you can focus on DW problems.

          Best wishes,


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            Alamshar Level 1

            I have already discussed it with my host provider and I'm satisfied that the issue is not on their end. If it was it would not make sense that I am able to upload the files with filezilla and not with Dreamweaver.

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This may not be the answer you want.  I work with a lot of media files on a regular basis and I never use Dreamweaver to upload them.  I can add 400 videos to Filezilla's queued files folder and let it run all night.  Providing my internet connection doesn't time out -- which occasionally happens when network traffic is high or there is an electrical storm in the area.  In my experience, Dreamweaver's FTP is not as fast or reliable as Filezilla's for heavy file uploads.



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                adninjastrator Level 4

                I second your suggestion Nancy. I never upload with Dreamweaver, I use SmartFTP but often recommend Filezilla to clients who want a free FTP program.


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                  Alamshar Level 1

                  I'm beginning to see the light with regard to FZ - I`m not sure yet if it's faster but it's definitely easier on my CPU than dreamweaver. Still don't know why this error has suddenly appeared though!