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    [JS] How to change the stroke order from BEST_JOINS to ROW_ON_TOP

    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      It should be easy to change the stroke order of a table from BEST_JOINS (default) to ROW_ON_TOP with:

      myTable.strokeOrder = StrokeOrderTypes.ROW_ON_TOP;

      The property changed. If I do ask with:

      $.writeln(myTable.strokeOrder); //Result = 1936879476


      However that is not reflected when I view the table in the UI after executing the script:




      What can be done? False expectations? Is this a bug or should I set other properties of the table that the desired effect will happen?
      I tried that in the UI to the same effect. The row strokes did NOT move to the top.
      (InDesign CS4 (6.0.6) and InDesign CS5 (7.5.2))


      With stroke order set to "InDesign 2 compatibility" (UI or script) I nearly got the wanted effect:



      Ok. I found a sort of workaround: set all cell strokes to overprint:




      But, hey ?!