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    Topics load slowly in 7.0

    John D 67995437 Level 1
      7.0 really responds slowly compared to X5. Does anyone know any tricks or special procedures to make a topic open more quickly when double-clicked in a TOC? Some of these topics are legacy from the X5 version, but I also notice things like slow response by scrollbars in the UI, slow response to mouse-clicks. This all compared to response of X5.

      I notice other problems with this UI as well. Sometimes the entire Robo window goes white and then is slowly rebuilt, a pod at a time, when I am trying to open a different topic. Sometimes when I have had Windows Explorer open "on top" of Robo & then close Windows Explorer, I continue to see part of the Explorer window in the topic pane (design/html) in Robo. Sound familiar to anyone?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi John

          It's often a complaint we have seen with 7. In many cases, the cause has been having a large number of fonts installed. You might wish to consider a Font management utility. One such utility is called "Font Frenzy" and is totally free of charge. You may obtain it by clicking here.

          Basically it will tell you how many fonts you have installed. Then you may create snapshots of different configurations. There is even a way to strip out (De-Frenzy) all but the core Windows fonts. This should speed things up. After you are finished using RoboHelp, you can Re-Frenzy to restore back to the fonts you had installed.

          Note that a large number of fonts can slow many applications down. Not just RoboHelp.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            John D 67995437 Level 1
            I mis-described the behavior. Rather than being a constant delay, the period that it took topics to open gradually increased from 8 to 30 seconds until Robo refused to open the next topic at all.

            Our IT maestro installed a much faster graphics card in my computer and also showed me how to close all the topics that Robo opened as I browsed through the TOC. Robo was apparently choking itself on too many open topics. I had been suspicious of all those colored tabs above the Design window but had not understood how to get rid of them.

            I would still like to know how to prevent Robo from leaving more and more topics open (like so many other things, a description of these tabs, what they mean, and how to deal with them is missing from the pathetic Help. Kind of ironic for a company that produces a help authoring system, no?)

            I would not try the Font Frenzy app that Rick recommends. It apparently removed files that Office thinks are necessary. Also, its UI is confusing and not clearly described. There is a reason why this thing is shareware.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              With respect it is you who controls what is left open. RH opens what any one user wants. What it can handle is going to vary according to content and the PC being used, in other words there is no fixed number.

              I believe FontFrenzy allows you to uninstall single fonts as well, also they do not have to be deleted, just removed from the fonts folder that Windows uses. FontFrenzy is freeware, not shareware. There are other tools to help you do the same job but they come at a price.

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi all

                In addition to what Peter said about Font Frenzy, while you may easily click a button to remove fonts down to bare bones, you may just as easily click another to restore (or Re-Frenzy) back to where you were. So I'm not sure where the problem lies with how you say it broke things.

                To all: Note that I'm not the Font Frenzy author, nor do I have anything to gain by someone using it. I only discovered that it existed and offered my findings in the hopes it will help others by using it.

                Sincerely... Rick
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                  John D 67995437 Level 1
                  Peter, I moved to RH 7 from RH5. In 5, if I opened topic 1 and then opened topic 2, topic 1 closed automatically. I thought that was how 7 worked too. Since I do not see an option that would make RH close the previous topic when I open the next, as I would prefer, I assume that I either have to close them manually one by one before opening each next one, which seems too clunky, or close a bunch of them (again manually) when the response time begins to drag, which is acceptable but seems poor design.

                  Unless there is a parameter or option I am missing, certainly possible, the only way I "control what is left open" is by manually closing them with the attendant problems I described above.

                  Rick, I tried to send you a private message describing my problems with FontFrenzy and asking for information to return my system to its previous condition. You must not have gotten it. Just FYI, the first problem I had was that when I initially defrenzied, moving fonts to a folder on my desktop, Office began trying to re-install MS Office Pro. I assume it did that because FontFrenzy removed fonts that Office thought were necessary. I have since allowed the reinstall to proceed, and Office seems fine.

                  When removing (moving) the fonts did not seem to help, I decided to return my system to its original condition but was baffled by the two path boxes that appeared when I tried to ReFrenzy. I could not tell which path should have been to the folder on my desktop and whether the other path should have been to C:Fonts or whether only one path was necessary. When I got no response from you, I tried to ReFrenzy as best I could figure it, but some, or all, of my "excess" fonts have not been returned to my primary Fonts folder.

                  I would like to move them back, but do not understand what the list of files, like 92506_UB.TTF, are. I guess they are fonts that have been transformed by FF in some fashion. I don't know how to move the fonts on my desktop back manually and I am afraid to try experiments with FF.

                  If you could suggest a manual process to move the fonts back to their original home, including what, if anything, I should do about the strange looking numbered files, I would appreciate it.


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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                    RH7 introduced the MDI (Multiple Document Interface) to give authors the ability to compare topics, move stuff more easily between topics and so on. See the RH7 article on my site which describes some of the things it enables.

                    The idea is you can have open as much or as little suits what you are doing. To close there is an X on the right or you can right click one of the tabs. That gives the option to close that tab or all tabs.

                    There are times when the old way can be useful and I have suggested that as an option. If others want that, then http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform is the place to go.

                    By not allowing an excessive number of topics to be open at any one time, you should avoid the problems to which you refer.

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                      John D 67995437 Level 1
                      Thanks, Peter. I agree. An option would be better. And thanks for the useful link.