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    between a rock and a hard place :(

    riches2b Level 1

      This is a cross platform dilemma; After Effects / Flash / Premiere.


      Made a complex After Effects illusion (360 MB SWF file) that I need to make a video of.


      Put it into Premiere but the "Export to Media" did not do a very good job of it. Tried quicktime, MPEG4 and H.264 formats.


      Then tried a small segment in Flash and the "Export to Movie" did a great job; but it choked when I put the full file in.


      So then… One app can handle large files of low quality. Another app can handle small files of high quality.


      Well what if we need a large file to also be decent quality?


      Any suggestions?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to learn about compression and workflow. There are a bunch of posts and resounces including the Help files.


          Put your project into AE or Premiere at it's original quality. I'm unclear on how you created the original. Then render a lossless or nearly lossless Production codec version of the work. You can render lossless or nearly lossless from eithr AE or PPro.


          Then use the Adobe Media Encoder to render your delivery products. It does a great job with a bunch of delivery options including H264. Folks use AE to deliver everything from Imax, feature film, television to web banners every day. There's no reason you can not render an acceptable product if you understand the formats.

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            riches2b Level 1

            Hi Rick (cool name)


            I do admit to not knowing as much as I should when it comes to compression. As a prepress technician we are expected to know everything for our customers so some things slip between the cracks.


            I try to work as lossless as I can but as you know; there is no going back to what was lost in the past. That is not the case here.


            I am trying to find out why files I created from scratch in AE free of compression of any kind look like crap when brought into Premiere but look great when output from shorter segments from Flash.


            Excuse my ignorance, but does using the Media Encoder yield different results?


            TC, Rick.