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    YouTube fileupload api error.

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      I'm building a small site using YouTubes API system. I downloaded a YouTube.cfc from Ray Camden, and it works excellent. I am having an issue with a fileupload and the content I'm sending. It's outside the cfc function, it's the information I'm sending off to youtube. I've changed it around and I know it's my key words that is making it error. I am attaching the piece of code and the error



      YouTubeCFC Upload Error: Domain=yt:validation, Code=invalid_value


      my code:

      <cfset yt = createObject("component", "youtube")>

      <cfset yt.setDeveloperKey("<my key>")>

      <cfset yt.login("<username>", "<password>")>

      <cfset r = yt.upload(expandPath('#uploadedfile#'),'#title#','#description#','Category','key,word')>


      The way this works is as follows:
      this form uploads the video to the server, then youtube takes it to their server so the uploaded file is the actual file that is being sent

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          I too am getting this error message and cannot figure out the problem. Ray Camden's blog is no help either. Please someone answer this as to why there is this api error.




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            there is not a lot which can be done and independently from you I am using for my

            site [url=http://privatekrankenversicherungtestpkv.com/]PKV[/url]


            cfset yt = createObject("component", "youtube")> 

            <cfset yt.setDeveloperKey("<my key>")>

            <cfset yt.login("<username>", "<password>")>

            <cfset r = yt.upload(expandPath('#uploadedfile#'),'#title#','#description#','Category','keyword')>


            which is idenciral (like minds) ... and - no wonder


            I am receiving: domain=yt:validation, Code=invalid_value


            and I´d be grateful for someone who sees the beasty, tiny little thing which is wrong


            Have a nice day


            .... Wolfgang