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    Beginner training resources


      Greetings RoboHelpers,


      I've recently downloaded a trial copy of RoboHelp 9 and am just trying to get oriented. My help production system is currently based on Frame 8 and Quadralay WebWorks, so at least I have some single-sourcing experience.


      I've been plowing through the product help, but as the "Getting Started" section doesn't actually seem to provide much meaningful assistance in terms of ... well, actually "getting started", I was wondering if there's not some basic resource somewhere that would walk one through setting up a project, mapping styles and generating some basic output, etc. to start getting a feel for the product. 


      I dabbled with RoboHelp years back prior to the Adobe aquisition - it certainly seems to be vastly more extensive compared to those early days. In particular, I'm hoping that RoboHelp is more customization-friendly than WebWorks, which I've been finding to be too kludgey and brittle in many respects. I appreciate any tutorial suggestions anyone might have, as well as any input w/respect to the whole WebWorks v. RoboHelp question! 


      Cheers, Brian S.