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    Unable to find a DLL packaged in an ANE on Win XP


      I'm working on an ANE for Windows to expose some functionality for a 3rd party library. I've successfully built and packaged the extension in an appropriate .ane file. I've also made a simple test application that I've packaged with the native extension. The problem I'm hitting is that when I run the application, I receive an error that it can't find the 3rd party library DLL. I've verified that the 3rd party DLL resides in the native extension archive so I'm pretty confident that I have properly packaged the native extension.


      If I copy the 3rd party DLL to the app's executable directory, the application will run and my extension DLL works just fine. My first thought is that it's possibly an issue with the 3rd party library not being in a runtime path that windows searches to load DLLs. However, if that's the case, I'm a little confused as to why the application would be able to find my extension DLL but not the 3rd party DLL as they reside in the same directory. Anyone have any thoughts or hints as to what I'm doing wrong?


      Thanks so much,