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    "Saved Optimized As" images appear pixelated - PS7.0


      I am using Image Ready for PS7.0 to create a mouseover effect.  Mouseover the smaller images and the picture in the middle changes to the large view of that picture.  The starting pictures have no/little pixelation.  However, after I finish slicing my graphic so I can make the mouseovers and then "save optimzed as" I upload the images and the html file and the images appear to have some increase pixelation.


      I am accustomed to some increased pixelation when I make an animated graphic because it saves as one big heavy graphic.  Is there a way to not have so much pixlation when I use Image Ready to create mouseovers/rollovers.



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          Curt Y Level 7

          If you are seeing increased pixelation you must be changing the image size when you "save as".


          See what the size of the first image is and the pixelated ones (image/image size).

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            thesitedoc Level 1

            Thanks for the response.  I'm not sure if I understand.  I have a 900 x 425 white background on to which I drag about 6, 600 x 420 size pictures into the center.


            Then I make smaller pictures of each picture  that I place on the right hand side to be used for the rollover effect.


            I slice out along the edges of the big pictures so as not to add an excess white space around them and then I slice out the smaller pcitures as well so they became the rollover button.


            The actual size of each pciture really does not become any bigger.