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    Problems with InDesignCS5 in Mac 10.6.8 and 10.7.2

    Mkersh Level 1

      I have InDesign CS5 running on OS 10.5.8 no problems.... I loaded it on 10.6.8 and then again on 10.7.2 and it loaded initially, no problem at all, but the next day I get the following on InDesign startup:


      Adobe InDesign does not recognize AssignmentUI.InDesignPlugin as a valid plug-in.  Please reinstall the AssignmentUI.InDesignPlugin and restart Indesign.


      InCopy BridgeUI.InDesign Plugin

      InCopyExportUI.InDesign Plugin

      InCopyImportUI.InDesign Plugin


      I reinstalled them, I uninstalled CS5 and RE installed CS5 on both and still get the same problem.   If I click past them it starts up......