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    Repeated Frames in (H.264 compressed .mp4(Mp4v))


      Hi, i've been looking for help in this problem and coulnd't find anything so i'll just post it here and hope someone might help me a bit.


      This is my problem:


      I have After Effects Cs5 and i usually edit videos from Mkv's to do that i convert the Mkv's to mp4 with HandBreake with the default high settings.


      I got no problem at all with the file in Sony vegas it makes it really laggie and slow but it's still fine. The problem is in After Effects


      i use AE as my main editing program and when i try to edit the compressed h.264 mp4(mp4v) i get this strange issue i get some "repeated frames" for instance, one frame is repeated twice.


      For example:  "Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 1 Frame 3 Frame 4 etc.. "


      it dosen't happens in all the vid but in some parts. Reading i found that AE can't support h.264 compressed in mp4?


      So i converted the file with xilisoft video converter to .mov but the final size is over 2 GB with the same quality, and the original file size is 311 MB and compressed to mp4 h.264 the size is the same with the same Quality.


      My hardrive won't really be able to handle multiple videos of 2GB...


      so my question is, is there any way to remove repeated frames or is there any way to fix that problem?


      If not what is the best convert settings so i can get at least same quality with not a really massive file size. Thank you!


      What should i do actually? so my footage dosen't get thoese repeated frames? i checked the interpretate footage settings and thoese are they


      i'm still a begginer so i don't know what i should tweak so i don't get thoese really annoying frames.