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    Cannot transfer from ADE to Acer Iconia Tab a500


      I have used my Adobe ID and password and installed ADE on my pc (XP), but ADE does not recognize my Acer Iconia Tab a500, which is listed as a supported device.  I have registered the Iconia tab and also authorized it with the same Adobe ID and password.  The installation instructions tell me that my e-reader device will appear as a new bookshelf in the library when the device is connected to my pc, but it does not, so I am unable to transfer from my pc to the e-reader. Any ideas?

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          I'm having the same problem with ADE and my Alluratek ereader. Ridiculous. If the ereader is recognized on the computer, it should be recognized on  ADE. It seems that there is bias unless you own a Kobo or Nook. If there isn't a software program to allow people to read DRM on all ereaders, there shouldn't be DRM. I bought my son a book, and we can't even put it on his reader. It makes no sense to read a book on the laptop. I would have rather had the actual book then. Perhaps some other software company out there should develop something that caters to those that DON'T own a Kobo or Nook!

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            I found an answer after 3 days of searching threads, hope this helps!

            OMG! I have been searching everywhere and was about to return my acer a500 for the reason that i couldn't read library books on it since ade didn't seem to work but this works just download those 2 apps and you're golden I wish I could help everyone with this problem. It took me 3 days of reading threads to find this answer, no one else has figured this out. I'm sooo happy!!

            Download Aldiko and Astro File Manager, in the market place

            Then go to your library site, download the book straight to your tablet
            Open Astro, click on downloads in the left side menu and click on your book, it'll open it with aldiko!


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              I just got an Acer Iconia A500 for Christmas and was going through the same problems as "cantreadit".  Since I'm not the most technically advanced person in the world (I'm an old fart in his 60's), I was panicking about not being able to use this part of my tablets capabilities, and started looking for a cure on the internet (Acer was almost no help).  I couldn't get past the sign-on to Adobe ADE, and always got an error message.  I saw a comment about a "time-expired" error being caused by the tablet and the computer mot having the same time shown, but my tablet was the exact time as my computer.  When I went a little deeper, I found that my tablet didn't have the "TIME ZONE" marked correctly (mine was set off of GMT, the default).  When I tethered my tablet and computer together and had both open to the time I reset my tablets time (the tablet doesn't set to the second, so I waited until the computers second hand got to the exact minute and clicked on the tablets clock - I don't know if you need to get that exact, but....).  When I went to my tablet and signed in, this time my authorization was accepted.


              Note: Adobe ADE still doesn't show my tablet as connected, and I can't download from Adobe directly, but (being an "old fart") I always save my books first to a folder on my computer before opening them to ADE.  When I went to my tethered tablet and copied the folder with (the DRM protected) e-books on my SD card, then went to LumiRead, then settings, then to "manage my book folders" and added that folder to the folders that LumiRead looks at, ALL the books were there and readable.  Saving the books to a folder first (which my Techno-Geek" son and son-in-law said was un-necessary) seems to have worked out good for me.


              My last concern is that I don't know if Overdrive will also "see" the ADE authorization and let me download books from my local library on line (which I use a lot for my dedicated e-reader), but I'm going to check that out later today (here's hoping that works too).


              This may not be the same problem that the rest of you have been facing (my problem may have been too simple for the rest of you guys to miss), and it may not be the complete cure (I still have the Library & Overdrive to checkout).  Also, the rest of you may have trusted the system to work properly, and not "stupidly" saved the books you bought to a folder on your computer (like a skeptical "old fart" like me would do), but for the other "Old Farts" out there, this may be the cure your looking for (no matter how simple it may be).    

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                cantreadit Level 1

                Thanks to JM0750  and miss.liss.bb I can read pdf e-books on my Acer a500! At miss.lissa.bb's suggestion, I downloaded Aldiko and Astro File Manager, but  my  library uses only ADE for pdf books, so that was only the first part of the answer---I couldn't use Aldiko to download the book straight to my tablet.  But the next post by JM0750 told me to save the book on my computer before opening ADE. I was then able to send the .ascm file of the book to Astro File Manager in my tethered Acer, and a couple of taps later I'm reading it!  Thank you both very much!

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                  Glad I was able to help.  I was looking for a cure to the problem I was

                  having with my Acer Tablet (I couldn't get the ADE ID to authorize on my

                  tablet), and a thread from your posting took me to the "cure" (and for

                  that, I am grateful).  Since this place was the source of my cure, I

                  felt it was important to pass on what I found out.


                  P.S.  I also got "Aldiko" to read my PDF books (both from the library,

                  and other sources - for some reason the other e-book readers don't work

                  with PDF).  There was another PDF software that I got that promised

                  /font/ /control/ too (ezPDFReader) - remember, I'm an "old fart" and

                  large print is helpful - but it wouldn't open or read my DRM protected

                  PDF e-books, so I canceled the order (if you're looking to edit,

                  annotate, or modify a PDF /documen/t it's probably what you would want

                  - but it "ain't" what I was looking for).


                  Lastly, the Android Market instruction on how to get to the place

                  where you can cancel a purchase (in the 15 minute time limit) had me

                  going everywhere to try to find it.  I clicked on my Android Market

                  icon, and couldn't find the "menu/apps" location they were talking about

                  anywhere.  I eventually got to where I needed to go (after desperate

                  minutes of effort, and going to Android Market from Google), but

                  couldn't find my way back there if my life depended on it.  What is the

                  easy way to get to this "menu" they are talking about?  Can it be

                  reached from the Android Market icon?  All I could find from the icon

                  was a way to buy more apps.




                  "Old Fart" (now) having fun with my new toy

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                    It seems simple but I cannot transfer and read checked out ebooks from Library on my A500.


                    I have Adobe ADE installed.


                    I visit my local library online and I "check out" a book.

                    ADE starts up and the book I just checked out is listed.

                    My Nook reader is also listed within ADE

                    I drag and drop my checked out book to Nook icon

                    I read the book


                    its nighttime, I want to read my book

                    I don't like LED reading lamps on my nook

                    I want to read my book on A500 with "lit" LCD screen


                    I connect my A500 to my computer and its recognized.

                    I start ADE

                    A500 is not listed

                    Install A500 USB drivers again

                    A500 is not listed

                    I start LumiRead on A500

                    Register my Adobe ID

                    A500 is not listed

                    I search web for solution



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                      Here is how I get ebooks on my acer tablet.  I download the file from the library onto my desktop pc.  Then I connect the tablet to my pc and simply cut and past the ebook file into a folder on my tablet.  I open lumiRead and there is the book.  I created a folder on my tablet for my ebooks and needed to allow lumiRead access to the folder in the settings.  I only get epub books but would think pdf books would work too.  Maybe you could do something similar with another reader, but I like lumiRead.

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                        pbedrosi Level 1

                        Yes, LumiRead looks good and I did try your method with ePub books that I downladed, the free books, usually ones beyond the copyright limits. I just wish I could do the same with online ePub library books that are checked out. My Library requires Adobe ADE.

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                          cantreadit Level 1

                          A workable solution really exists, even if your library requires Adobe ADE.  First go to the Marketplace and download Aldiko and Astro File Manager onto your Acer.  In the Astro File Manager, create a Digital Editions Folder.  When you choose a book from your library website, instead of sending it by default to ADE, you must choose to SAVE a copy to a folder on your desktop computer.  Tether your Acer to the desktop computer.  Copy the saved file from the desktop and paste it into that Digital Editions Folder you created in Astro File Manager.  Then you'll be able to click on it and you can open and read it with Aldiko.  (I have successfully done this with both pdf and epub books in Aldiko, but for some reason I've had no luck using the Lumiread that comes installed.)  The irony here is that we've all used the Adobe forum to share a solution that has nothing to do with ADE.

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                            JM0750 Level 1

                            cantreadit's solution work's.  I did the same thing (accidentally) when

                            I was trying to get adobe digital editions to work on my tablet.  I had

                            physically moved some files to a folder on my Iconia (while tethered),

                            and tried to open them from Lumiread, with no luck.  I went to Astro

                            File Manager and clicked on the ePub file, and a choice of program to

                            use to display it came up, with Overdrive being one of them.  When I

                            clicked on Overdrive, the book opened, and THEN I could read it in

                            Lumiread.  Once I was able to sign my tablet into ADE (after adjusting

                            the tablets time setting), I was able to just read other books in

                            Lumiread without the Overdrive link.


                            To tell the truth, I have NEVER been able to see my books in ADE from my

                            Tablet.  On my computer, I have an app from ADE (that has an icon on my

                            desktop), and I CAN see books there, but I can't find an ADE "ANDROID"

                            app ANYWHERE!!  Does an android ADE app even exist?  Not that I have

                            found!  When are they going to get around to being more "android friendly"?


                            pedrosi has my sympathy for having a library that uses ADE as the means

                            of transferring temporary rights to a book.  Mine uses the Overdrive app

                            to do the same thing, and it's VERY user friendly (important with old

                            folks like me).  I really thought ALL libraries used Overdrive (that's

                            what it was developed for).  Oh yes, when  your 7, 14 or 21 checkout

                            days are up, it DOESN'T erase the book file, it just makes it unreadable

                            ON YOUR TABLET, so you need to go back periodically and delete the

                            unusable files to clear up space in your tablets memory.  If you want to

                            read them later, you have to check it out and download it again.


                            Old Fart

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                              JM0750 Level 1

                              I think lumiread only reads epub (or at least it doesn't read PDF - at

                              least on my tablet it doesn't).  Aldiko DOES read PDF, so if you do get

                              any, it's a great choice.  I had been using an old fashioned Sony 300

                              e-reader for a few years (a neat little reader - fits in a mans' shirt

                              pocket), and I had (unnecessarily?) been saving the e-book files to a

                              folder on my computer before opening them in my Sony Reader Library

                              software.  That "error" allowed me to have copies not specifically

                              attached to the Sony Library,  to paste into folders on my external SD

                              card (which I gave Lumiread access to in it's "settings").  I like

                              Lumiread too.  I can organize my books in folder groups on my SD card,

                              and just tell lumiread to look there too.  When you put groups of books

                              together in separate folders, when you give Lumiread access (and sort by

                              import date), all those books in the folder are side by side on the



                              Old Guy Having Fun,

                              Old Fart

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                                JM0750 Level 1

                                Does your Library "require" ADE, or "use" it?  Does it use Overdrive as

                                the mechanism to keep track of how long you have the book (and the

                                actual download), and merely "Require" that you have your tablet

                                authorized by ADE, or is there no Overdrive involvement at all?  My

                                TABLET had to be *authorized *by ADE for Overdrive to work on my tablet

                                (at least for Library books).  If you are merely having trouble getting

                                your tablet authorized, that was covered earlier in the in the thread

                                (whether or not you can get ADE to be operated from your tablet, or

                                have your tablet authorized  by ADE are 2 separate issues - the 1st

                                may not be possible (from what I've seen), but if your tablet is

                                authorized by ADE, you can read protected books).


                                Old Fart (just stumbling around)