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    Adobe Reader X on Virtual PC


      Opening a pdf file on the host computer from a virtual machine (Microsoft Virtual PC) takes 10 - 15 min. In the meantime I'm watching Reader window, all white, except for the title bar. With Protected Mode disabled, opening a file is normal, 3 - 4 sec, the same as previous versions of Reader (e.g. Reader 9).

      If I'm inpatient and don't want to wait 10 min, and try to kill the process, it still takes about as much time for the process to close.

      Considering that the Protected (sandbox) mode is a kind of virtual environment, is it possible for Adobe to fix this problem and make Protected mode working inside another virtual environment (virtual machine)?

      Anyone else having the same problem with other virtual machines, e.g. VMWare?

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          Kshakti Adobe Employee



          I tried with MS Virtual PC 2007 with Win7-32bit as the virtual machine but PDF opening with Reader10 (latest update) is fine.

          Can you please let me know the following :

          1) Is the issue observed for any OS in the virtual PC ? (Which is the OS in which the issue is observed by you?)

          2) Is any other tool/software is installed in your virtual PC other than Reader.

          3) RAM of the OS installed in Virtual PC in which the issue is obvserved.




          Shakti K