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    FindText with range of pStyles

    Jump_Over Level 5


      I am trying to find solution but almost give up.


      My goal is to catch all specific paragraphs from document and store them to one array or collection. The condition is appliedParagraphStyles from choosen paragraphStyleGroup (everyItem).

      The question is how to set findTextPreferences.appliedParagraphStyles to multiple paragraphStyles or range of styles or paragraphStyleGroup.item("X").paragraphStyles.item(nothingEnum) or ...

      I don't have idea.


      Or only way is to catch them step by step changing paragraphStyles from firstGroupItem to the last and pushing Array?



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          Green4ever Level 3

          1) Get the list of paragraph styles you want to search in a array, and then use for loop, then using findText() collect all paragraphs in a single variable.




          2) Walk through all the paragraphs and check the applied paragraphs style matchs with the list you have and collect the specific paragraphs


          First for what reason you have to collect those paragraphs. Needs more information inorder to help you...




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