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    Question about subclips in a long project


      Hello all;


         I am editing a 1 hour long documentary in full HD with a lot of clips and so forth in it.  What I have been doing is for some segments creating a sequence in another project, rendering it and saving it as a H264 Full HD format, the same as the main project.  Then importing that rendered version into the main project instead of all the component parts.  This makes it harder if I want to change anything in that segment, but it cuts down on the load time of the main project, and seems to work OK.


        My question is - when I finally render the whole 1 hour project, will these included clips get degraded because they will be (I guess) rerendered?  Is there a better strategy for this?  Also, I'm doing the project in three 20 minute sections that I intend to simply run back to back in Encore when I'm done.  Is that likely to be a problem.


      Thanks in advance for any advice on this.


      Jim G.

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          shooternz Level 6



          You are killing the quality by compressing and recompressing..


          How long does it take to load a project if you dont do this?


          You should be able to use a single project.


          In this project you could have say 3 x 'edit' Sequences ( say 20 minutes each-  Part 1,2,3)


          Then create a Master Sequence in same project and "nest" the edit sequences (parts 1,2,3)


          That gives you all the editing flexibilty you should require.

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            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

            And if that still gives you trouble, then do what you've been doing (separate projects for each of the three segments) but don't export out the timelines as H.264 files (worst possible anyway... if you were going to do that, use a lossless like Lagarith or UT). Instead, import that project's sequence into your master project...

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              jgreeson Level 1

              Hi and thanks for the helpful response.


                 One of my concerns is that my computer system is at the low end of what it should be for this project I think.   So it's slower than I would like.  Especially since there are a fair number of After Effects clips that I'm bringing into the project as well as a number of other Premiere sequences that I created separately earlier.   But thanks for the reply, I'll go back and replace the rendered segments with nested sequences or dynamically linked After FX clips.


              - Jim G

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                jgreeson Level 1

                Hello again.


                I hope you don't mind if I ask you a follow up question about this issue of consolidating complex sequences into a rendered video file and then using that in a longer sequence.   On CS5 within the Export screen there is a button labeled, "Match Sequence Settings"  if I render a segment with that selected and import that into a longer sequence is that a problem too?  Or do I have to select something like AVI lossless?  Or should I avoid that as well? 


                Finally, for After Effects segments that I want to incorporate into Premier, I can use the Dynamic LInk thing, but it seems to mess with the color when I see it in Premiere.  Would it be OK to use the lossless renders from AE in the CS5 timeline?


                I apologize for pestering you with these questions.


                Thanks,  Jim Greeson