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    Size difference between Source Panel and Program Panel?


      I'm super new to Premiere and started using it because I love how robust it is. When I drag a clip into a Source monitor (panel?), the preview of the video is a different size than if I drag the same clip into a Program monitor. When I experiment with exporting the clip, it exports it at the same size as the Program monitor preview which has large black borders even though the original file for that clip does not have borders. I would like the project to export closer to the size of the Source monitor preview. When I am in the export settings area, I click on the option to use the same parameters as the source file but it still has black borders.


      I'm guessing it has something to do with aspect ratios? But then I don't know why anything would have black borders if I choose to use the original source parameters. I'm not exactly picky about having super exact aspect rations at this time, I'm just curious about what the difference is between dragging a clip into a source monitor and a program monitor. It's the same exact clip I am dragging into both. For now I have figured out how to make the clip slightly bigger in the program monitor by enabling safe margins and just expanding the preview of the video, which also expands it in the exporting area, and causes no reduction in video quality. The only annoying thing is I have to play with the safe margins on all seperate clips that come from different files to make them match in a single video.


      Does any of this make sense? Is there a setting somewhere that will import a file to have the same dimensions when I try and export it later?


      In short:


      I import a file. When I drag it onto the sequence panel, the previews show it with black borders when the original video clip had none. How can I not have this happen?


      Much thanks (assuming I provided suffiecient information to produce a clear answer)