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    need to sendemail with blatxtra help

    mattias72 Level 1

      How can i send an email from a text member when i push a button send?

      I pretty newbie to lingo but i know some basics

      I want to use gmx free email with


      pop3 server: pop.gmx.com

      smtp server: mail.gmx.com

      imap4 server: imap.gmx.com


      user: xxxx@gmx.com

      passw:  xxxxxxx





      The Xtra just offers one global lingo method:


      It returns an integer as the return code. Any return value other than 0 signals a problem sending the mail.
      The propertylist argument should contain:


      and then either:


      for email servers which use authentification,or for pop3 server


      And then of course:


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          Mister MUX Level 2

          Create each of the text members referenced in the code below in your movie's cast. I am assuming that some of the information is meant to be supplied by the user of your program (such as the subject and message). Those text members can be placed on the stage and made editable so that the user can fill them out. The others can just be left in the cast and you can put the proper text in them (such as pop.gmx.com in the "server" member).


          Now attach this behavior to a button:


          on mouseUp me

            emailProps = [:]

            emailProps[#to] = member("to").text

            emailProps[#from] = member("from").text

            emailProps[#server] = member("server").text

            emailProps[#user] = member("user").text

            emailProps[#password] = member("password").text

            emailProps[#subject] = member("subject").text

            emailProps[#body] = member("body").text

            errorcode = sendmail(emailProps)




          This isn't the most elogant Lingo ever written, but should be easy to understand for a newbie. You should read up on the concept of a property list. It is very important and is the only "advanced" concept in the code. Also, the code simply throws up an alert message displaying the result of the sendmail. You probably want to handle it a bit differently.

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            mattias72 Level 1

            Hi Mister Mux!


            Thanx for taking your time..

            I did exactly as u wrote but i get message:


            Script error: String expected




            when I push the send button with the script, why? I have put my the xtras in right folder and added the xtra into my director file but i dont think thats the problem. The gmx mail works fine when using it in outlook express by the way.


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              Mister MUX Level 2

              That is my mistake. The alert function takes a string as an argument,

              but errorCode is an integer. So either change it to




              or get rid of the line all together. It is not needed, I just put it

              there so that you could see the result of the attempt to send mail.



              -- Dave

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                mattias72 Level 1

                Strange I cant get it to work...i only get the message:



                Has any1 made it with the extra?