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    Help required to complete my flex project

    Gireesh K
      Hi All,

      I am working on a design project. I have some bugs with the current
      implementation (listed below). I am not really sure on how to get this
      fixed. Please help.

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      1. When drag and dropping item to designer place, items get shifted
      slightly (it should get dropped same place)
      2. After rotating the item, If i drag and drop object to some where
      else, the positions get shifted
      3. After placing an item in the design area, and try to zoom the
      canvas the items getting moved from the original location
      4. When loading the design image, it not fitting to the canvas and
      zoom value is not getting updated
      5. Print is not working properly, not fitting to one page

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          slaingod Level 1
          My guess is that you are using the wrong container for the corrdinates? Ie. you need to use the Object Handles x/y instead of the sofa's x/y for the drop position. Otherwise you may need to look into MouseEvent.locaclX/Y and some_obj.localToGlobal() and another_obj.globalToLocal() to translate the x.y values. Or you might possibly need to use the getBounds()/getRect() on the Object Handles container and use the x/y for that.

          As far as the zooming, it looks like you have changed the zoom origin x/y for the sofa, to the center, whereas the map zoom is zooming 0,0, so it changes position. Something to look into anyway.

          Don't no anything about printing :) Good luck.