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    Slideshow in flex

    Vishnu Offuse

      I have working on a Slideshow creator web application tool in flex. One of feature of the tool has to download image and slideshow. Its possible  to download image using File Reference.

      But for slideshow its not working. I am storing details related to all images added into slideshow tool in an XML file like the transition effects applied to each

      image. Also I am dynamically adding the source of the images. If we download a slideshow it should save the slideshow

      to the user's machine. I tried it using Swfloader but since the images are storing at runtime it could not be able to embed the image details.

      Is it possible to download the slideshow as an swf(Or any other video format). But we should see all

      the images as well as the effects added to it by manually opening the swf file.

      Is any body have an idea to resolve this?