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    Issue with flash builder 4.6 Installation

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      I downloaded flash builder 4.6 and tried installing it. As per read me of Adobe I used following : eclipse 3.7 32 bit, JDK 32 bit version 1.6.29, tomcat 32 bit version 6.0.35, blaze ds from adobe site.

      Initial installation goes fine and if a Java only project is created or if a Flex only project is created --No issue, everthing runs smoothly. The moment I try to create a Java+Flex project, it terminates with exeception "Error: one or more constraints have not been satisfied". I googled but could not find any pointer.


      It's not a eclipse issue because I have separate installation of Flash builder 4.5 with same set of configuration and it's just happy -no issues.


      I am unable to download flash builder 4.5 trial version, its not on adobe site -I want 4.5 because it just works perfect and am trying to set up stuff on my company m/c.