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    Issues with Trial Version 4.6




      When i am using the flash builder 4.6 trial version i am getting the following problem


      I am trying to exeicute TourdeFlex example related to SQL Database Usage i am getting this error in Flash Builder .Please help




      Unable to locate specified base class 'spark.components.WindowedApplication' for component class 'views.DtabaseExampleHomeView'.DtabaseExampleHomeView.mxml/DtabaseExample/src/viewsUnknownFlex Problem
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          VenkatAtluru1440 Level 1

          Does the trial version provide full functionality or it only provides limited features?

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            DonMitchinson Level 2

            Trial version is Premium - will revert back to Standard if Standard license is used after Trial is finished.


            If that's an actual copy/paste of the error message it looks like the example has a typo.


            'views.DtabaseExampleHomeView'. probably shoul dbe 'views.DatabaseExampleHomeView'.


            maybe check to see if the src  path /DtabaseExample/src/views exists?

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              VenkatAtluru1440 Level 1
              1)unable to populate database values at  speak  List in flash Builder4.6  The fallowing code is used




                 import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;

                 private function getIteamCategory():void {

                 avar sqlConnection:SQLConnection = new SQLConnection();

                var resultSet:SQLResult = null ;

                var dataList:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();


                var stmt:SQLStatement = new SQLStatement();

                stmt.sqlConnection = sqlConnection;

                 stmt.text="SELECT  item_category FROM Menu_Table where item_id  between 1 and 99";


                data_list.dataProvider=new ArrayCollection(stmt.getResult().data);


                return dataList;



                      protected function datalist _creationCompleteHandler (event:FlexEvent):void  //executed when the List completes loading


                          getIteamCategory ();





              <s:List id="datalist" x="10" y="10" left="0" right="0" top="0" bottom="0" width="1004"


                      creationComplete="datalist _creationCompleteHandler(event)" enabled="true">



                          <s:MobileItemRenderer label = "{data. item_category }"/>  // The Application is a mobile app






              Please suggest, I also included mx.swc file in the build path. Also seeing following several error message, pasting two of them



              1120: Access of undefined property ContainerBorderSkin.

              1172: Definition mx.skins.spark:ButtonSkin could not be found.          NewIndianCurryHous


              Thanks in advance.