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    InDesign 5.5 to iPad problems


      Hi! I created an interactive document in InDesign 5.5 where i used some buttons, animations and one video. All of the elements used in this document are animating in a specific order i set in the timeline. My problem is that when i build my folio with this document, and them i download it onto my iPad, al the animations, buttons and functions are gone. In InDesign i can preview my document and it works exactly how i want it to work. But in Adobe Content Viewer for Desktop and on my iPad it's not working. When i open my article on the iPad there are no interactive elements. I can't figure out why or how to make it work. I looked very carefully on every video made by Terry White about how to publish my documents from InDesign to iPad using Folio Builder. Made it step-by-step as Terry, and nothing. Once i get my document on the iPad, it's not interactive anymore. Thanks.