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    Context-Sensitive Help in RoboHelp 9

    curtains26@yahoo.com Level 1

      Hi -- I recently upgraded from RoboHelp 5 to RoboHelp 9.  My first WebHelp project that I created using RoboHelp 9 is giving me problems with Context-Sensitive Help.  When a user clicks on a Help link that is supposed to bring him/her to a specific topic, the user is brought instead to the project's main screen with the TOC, Index, and Search. 


      Is there something specific that my Developers and I should be doing differently in RoboHelp 9 vs. RoboHelp 5?  Is the problem being caused because I made the jump from 5 to 9 without upgrading in between? 


      Any help that anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated. 


      Thank you.