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    Replacement component for mx:HTML on blueberry platform



         I am working on a project based on blueberry platform, it is an App to upload picture to flickr. I already applied the consumer key and secret and have difficult to get the access token from the sever.

         The process of getting the token is:

         My app to request access to flickr

         Flickr sever feed back with a login page ask to login and prompt if to authenticate the access request.

         After the OK button is pressed, sever will send my App an authentication token.


         On Web based flex application, I succeeded to get the process done, but unformately have difficulty to get it working on blueberry, as there is no mx:HTML component avaiable on mobile project.

         The HTML component is used to display embbeded login screen and the authentication screen.

         Does anyone know what the replacement component for HTML on mobile project? Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for long text.