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    Document.exportFile fails with named parameters?

    BillFR2011 Level 1



      InDesign Server CS5.5 Build 7.5.3.


      I am trying to call the exportFile method of the Document class using "named parameters" (instead of "ordered" parameters).

      Something like:




              format: ExportFormat.PDF_TYPE,

              to: File(myFilePath),

              showingOptions: false,

              using: myPDFExportPreset,

              versionComments: "lulu"




      I get the following error:


      Invalid value for parameter 'format' of method 'exportFile'. Expected ExportFormat enumerator or String, but received (format=>PDF_TYPE).


      Does this method support named parameters?


      I am new to InDesign Server CS5.5 Scripting. More generally, do other methods support named parameters?


      Thanks in advance!