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    Acrobat 9 security & copies


      I have put password protection on a parent file (in my computer). I have made copies of the file to CD. The problem is that the file is protected as it should be in my computer but the CD copies will not accept password protection. I put in the password protection on the CD but when I try to save and close the CD file I am not allowed to. A message indicates the problem is a read only file or that the file is in use.

      Further more I would think that I could put the pass word protection on the parent file (on my computer) and I would be able to make copies by authorizing it to do so. Otherwise I would have to put password protection on every CD copy I make. It just makes more sense to protect the parent file, give it permission to make copies and after the copies are made then the password protection would go back into efect for the parent file. Otherwise if a large number of copies were made there would be no password protection for each copy until each one was assigned the password. My situation is I do not want my file altered, copied or printed from.

      I am a novice and any help would be appreciated.


      Thank You